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The Best-Selling Screen Extender on Amazon


Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Mobile Pixels Duex Plus
  3. Apildella Triple Laptop Screen Extender
  4. Dorpu Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy Monitor
  5. SideTrak Swivel Attachable Portable Monitor
  6. InnoView Laptop Screen Extender
  7. Maxfree F2 Triple Screen Laptop Screen Extender
  8. ARZOPA Portable Monitor
  9. Mobile Pixels Duex Max DS
  10. JoyReal Triple Monitor for Laptop
  11. Teamgee Laptop Screen Extender
  12. Conclusion


In the modern world of remote work and on-the-go professionals, having a portable monitor for your laptop can significantly enhance productivity and convenience. Whether you’re working on an important project, gaming, or simply want to multitask effectively, a portable monitor can be a game-changer. In this article, we will explore the top 10 portable monitors for laptops, each offering unique features to cater to different needs.

Let’s dive into the details of each of these portable monitors and find out which one suits your requirements.


1.Mobile Pixels Duex Plus Screen Extender

  • 13.3″ Full HD IPS Dual Laptop Monitor
  • USB-C/USB-A Plug and Play
  • Windows/Mac/Android/Switch Compatible

The Mobile Pixels Duex Plus is a versatile and easy-to-use portable monitor. With its 13.3-inch Full HD display, it offers crisp visuals for work or entertainment. It’s compatible with a wide range of devices, making it an excellent choice for users of different platforms.

Screen Extender

2. Apildella Triple Laptop Screen Extender

  • 14” Triple Laptop Screen Extender
  • 1080P FHD Portable Dual Monitor
  • USB-C HDMI Plug-and-Play

If you need a triple monitor setup for your laptop, the Apildella Triple Laptop Screen Extender is a great choice. This portable monitor supports up to three displays, providing an expansive workspace for your tasks.

Screen Extender

3.Dorpu Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy Monitor Screen Extender

  • 14” Patented Laptop Monitor Extender
  • FHD 1200P
  • HDMI & USB-C Ports
  • Compatible with 13.3-16″ Laptops

Dorpu offers a premium portable monitor made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. It provides outstanding image quality and a range of connectivity options, ensuring compatibility with various laptops.

4. SideTrak Swivel Attachable Portable Monitor

  • 14” FHD TFT USB Dual Screen with Kickstand
  • Compatible with Mac, PC, Chrome
  • Powered by USB-C or Mini HDMI

The SideTrak Swivel offers a unique design with a swiveling mechanism, allowing you to adjust the angle of the portable monitor. It’s a great choice for those who value flexibility and convenience.

5.InnoView Laptop Screen Extender

  • 15.6″ Dual Monitors Stacked Folding Triple Monitor
  • 1080P
  • 120% sRGB ΔE<2
  • Triple Portable Monitor for Laptop

InnoView’s laptop screen extender is perfect for those who require a triple monitor setup. Its innovative folding design provides you with multiple display options.

6. Maxfree F2 Triple Screen Laptop Screen Extender

  • 14” Laptop Monitor Extender with 360° Rotation Stand
  • Plug & Play
  • Compatible with Windows/Mac/Surface/Dex/Switch
  • Fits 12-17” Laptops

Maxfree F2 offers a rotating monitor setup, allowing you to switch between landscape and portrait orientations effortlessly. It’s a versatile choice for various laptop users.

7.ARZOPA Portable Monitor

  • 15.6” FHD 1080P Portable Laptop Monitor
  • IPS Computer External Screen
  • USB C HDMI Display
  • Compatible with PC, MAC, Phone, Xbox, PS5

ARZOPA’s portable monitor is a versatile choice for a wide range of devices. With its Full HD display and compatibility with gaming consoles, it’s perfect for entertainment and work.

8.Mobile Pixels Duex Max DS

  • 14.1” FHD 1080p Laptop Screen Extender
  • USB Type-C/HDMI Ports
  • Portable Monitor for 14” to 17 Inch Laptops
  • Compatible with macOS/Windows/Apple/Android/Switch

The Mobile Pixels Duex Max DS is a reliable option that provides a wide compatibility range and excellent portability, making it suitable for various laptops.

9.JoyReal Triple Monitor for Laptop

  • 14” 1080P Portable Laptop Screen Extender
  • 360 Rotating Monitor Desk Workstation
  • Multiple Laptop Stand for MacBook, Windows, Surface, PS, Switch

JoyReal’s portable monitor offers a unique 360-degree rotating monitor desk workstation, making it a versatile choice for various laptop models and brands.

10.Teamgee Laptop Screen Extender

  • 12” Portable Monitor for Laptop
  • FHD 1080P Glare-Free IPS Dual Screen
  • Built-in Speakers & HDR
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, Chrome, Linux

Teamgee’s laptop screen extender is a compact and feature-rich option that comes with built-in speakers and HDR support for enhanced visual experiences.


Investing in a portable monitor for your laptop is a smart decision if you’re looking to enhance your productivity or enjoy immersive entertainment. From the versatile Mobile Pixels Duex Plus to the innovative SideTrak Swivel and the feature-packed Teamgee Laptop Screen Extender, there’s a portable monitor for every need. Evaluate your specific requirements and choose the one that best suits your workflow and lifestyle.

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