You are currently viewing Product Review:Nuwave Brio 8-Qt Air Fryer, Powerful 1800W, Easy-to-Read Cool White Display, 50°-400°F Temp Controls, 100 Presets & 50 Memory, 3 Wattages 700, 1500, 1800, Linear T Technology, Built-In Safety Features

Product Review:Nuwave Brio 8-Qt Air Fryer, Powerful 1800W, Easy-to-Read Cool White Display, 50°-400°F Temp Controls, 100 Presets & 50 Memory, 3 Wattages 700, 1500, 1800, Linear T Technology, Built-In Safety Features


Introducing the Nuwave Brio 8-Qt Air Fryer, a culinary powerhouse that combines advanced technology with user-friendly features. This air fryer, boasting a powerful 1800W motor, is equipped with a cool white display for easy readability and offers precise temperature control from 50°F to 400°F. With an impressive array of 100 presets, 50 memory slots, and three wattage settings (700W, 1500W, and 1800W), it’s designed to streamline your cooking experience. The Nuwave Brio Air Fryer also incorporates Linear T Technology and built-in safety features, ensuring efficient, safe, and delicious cooking.



Nuwave Brio 8-Qt Air Fryer

The Nuwave Brio 8-Qt Air Fryer is a culinary powerhouse that elevates your cooking experience. This air fryer, backed by the Nuwave brand, is a versatile kitchen appliance designed to make healthy cooking a breeze. With a powerful 1800W motor, a user-friendly cool white display, precise temperature controls (50°F to 400°F), a vast array of 100 presets, and 50 memory slots, it redefines the way you prepare your meals. Featuring three wattage settings (700W, 1500W, and 1800W), Linear T Technology for consistent cooking, and built-in safety features, this air fryer is your key to efficient, safe, and delicious culinary adventures.


Key Features:

  1. Powerful 1800W Motor: This air fryer packs a punch with its powerful motor, ensuring rapid and efficient cooking results.

  2. Cool White Display: The easy-to-read display enhances your cooking experience by providing clear and accessible information.

  3. Temperature Control: With a temperature range from 50°F to 400°F, you have precise control over your cooking, whether you’re frying, baking, or grilling.

  4. 100 Presets: Enjoy the convenience of choosing from a wide range of presets, simplifying meal preparation.

  5. 50 Memory Slots: Store your favorite settings for quick and easy access, allowing you to replicate your best recipes effortlessly.

  6. Three Wattage Settings: The air fryer offers three wattage options (700W, 1500W, and 1800W), giving you control over your energy consumption.

  7. Linear T Technology: This technology ensures even and consistent cooking results, making your food perfectly cooked every time.

  8. Built-In Safety Features: The Nuwave Brio Air Fryer includes safety features that provide peace of mind during use.


  1. Powerful and Efficient: The 1800W motor guarantees quick cooking, saving you time and energy in the kitchen.
  2. User-Friendly Display: The cool white display is easy to read, simplifying the cooking process for users of all levels.
  3. Precise Temperature Control: The wide temperature range allows for precise cooking and versatility.
  4. Extensive Presets: With 100 presets, it’s a versatile kitchen companion, making meal preparation a breeze.
  5. Convenient Memory Slots: The 50 memory slots are perfect for storing and accessing your favorite cooking settings with ease.
  6. Energy Control: The three wattage settings give you control over energy usage, making it energy-efficient.
  7. Consistent Results: Linear T Technology ensures that your food is cooked evenly, delivering delicious, well-cooked meals.
  8. Safety First: The built-in safety features offer peace of mind during use, ensuring safety for you and your loved ones.


  1. Size: Due to its generous 8-quart capacity, it may not be suitable for kitchens with limited counter space.

User Experience:

In my personal experience, the Nuwave Brio 8-Qt Air Fryer exceeded expectations. It consistently delivered perfectly cooked, crispy dishes without excessive oil. The easy-to-read display and extensive presets simplified the cooking process, making it accessible for both experienced and novice users.

Value for Money:

Despite the initial investment, the Nuwave Brio Air Fryer offers excellent value for its versatility, consistent performance, and user-friendly features. It replaces the need for multiple kitchen appliances and simplifies meal preparation, which ultimately saves time and money.

Ease of Use:

Setting up and using this air fryer was straightforward. The digital controls and extensive presets make it accessible for all users, regardless of their cooking experience.


For those seeking a high-capacity air fryer with advanced technology, extensive presets, and user-friendly features, the Nuwave Brio 8-Qt Air Fryer is an exceptional choice. It streamlines your cooking, delivering consistent results and promoting healthier eating habits.


In conclusion, the Nuwave Brio 8-Qt Air Fryer is a culinary game-changer, offering power, precision, and convenience in one appliance. While its larger size may require more counter space, it delivers top-tier performance and a wealth of features that make it a worthwhile addition to any kitchen. If you’re ready to transform your cooking and embrace healthier, efficient meals, the Nuwave Brio Air Fryer should be your next kitchen companion.

Rating: 4.8/5

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