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Product Review:WatchGuard | WGM37151 | WatchGuard Application Control 1-yr for Firebox M370


WatchGuard Application Control 1-yr for Firebox M370 is a critical component for enhancing the security of your network. It provides advanced features and protection to ensure your network remains safe from threats and unauthorized applications. With WatchGuard’s Application Control, you can effectively manage and control the use of applications within your network, allowing you to maximize productivity while minimizing security risks.



"WatchGuard Application Control"

The WatchGuard Application Control 1-yr for Firebox M370 is a robust and essential addition to your network security arsenal. Designed to work seamlessly with the Firebox M370, this subscription-based service is all about enhancing your network security and taking control of application usage. WatchGuard, a trusted name in the field of network security, brings you a solution that ensures your network remains secure and your users productive.


Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Application Visibility: WatchGuard Application Control offers a detailed overview of the applications running on your network. This level of insight is essential for identifying and managing applications, making it easier to enforce your usage policies effectively.

  • Application Blocking and Control: You have the power to block or control the usage of specific applications, which is crucial for preventing malware, avoiding bandwidth congestion, and ensuring compliance with company policies.

  • Increased Productivity: By effectively managing application usage, you can increase your team’s productivity. Keep work-related applications running smoothly while preventing time-wasting or potentially harmful apps from affecting productivity.

  • Threat Prevention: Application Control is part of WatchGuard’s comprehensive security suite, offering protection against threats that may exploit vulnerabilities in applications.

  • Network Optimization: Regulate the use of applications that consume excessive network resources, thus ensuring the smooth functioning of critical applications.

  • User-Based Policies: Apply policies on a user-by-user basis, providing flexibility and customization for different roles within your organization.

  • Integration with Other Security Services: Seamlessly integrates with other WatchGuard security services to provide holistic network protection.


  • Enhanced Network Security: Monitoring and managing application usage are key to network security, and WatchGuard Application Control excels at it.

  • Malware and Threat Prevention: Protect your network from malware and threats that often exploit application vulnerabilities.

  • Increased Productivity: By preventing unproductive or harmful applications, this service directly contributes to enhanced productivity.

  • Customization: The ability to apply user-based policies allows you to tailor your security measures according to your specific needs.

  • Integration: The seamless integration with other WatchGuard security services ensures that your network remains well-rounded in its protection.


  • Subscription Cost: To access these advanced security features, you’ll need to invest in a subscription, which may add to your overall cost.

  • Technical Expertise for Setup: Initial setup and fine-tuning of application policies may require some technical knowledge.

User Experience:

WatchGuard Application Control provides a transparent and non-disruptive user experience. It excels at protecting your network without interfering with essential work applications. It maintains a balance between security and productivity.

Value for Money:

While the subscription might add to your costs, the value this service brings to your network security and productivity justifies the investment. The prevention of malware and threats alone makes it worth the expense.

Ease of Use:

WatchGuard offers an intuitive interface for managing application control policies. However, setting up and fine-tuning policies may be challenging for those without technical expertise.


For those looking to bolster network security and effectively manage application usage, WatchGuard Application Control for Firebox M370 is a top-notch solution. It provides a comprehensive set of features that ensure your network remains secure, productive, and free from unwanted applications. While initial setup may be somewhat technical, the long-term benefits make it a sound investment.


WatchGuard Application Control 1-yr for Firebox M370 is an invaluable addition to your network security strategy. Its features for managing application usage, enhancing security, and increasing productivity are crucial for businesses today. The initial setup might require some technical expertise, but the long-term benefits far outweigh any initial challenges.


5 out of 5 stars.

In today’s ever-evolving threat landscape, having this level of control and protection over your network applications is invaluable, and WatchGuard’s solution excels in providing that security. Don’t compromise when it comes to network safety and productivity; invest in WatchGuard Application Control for Firebox M370.

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