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Elevate Your Home Safety with the First Alert Battery Powered SCO500B


Protecting your home and loved ones is paramount, and the battery-powered SCO500B from First Alert is here to provide comprehensive safety solutions. This advanced alarm system combines smoke and carbon monoxide detection with wireless interconnectivity, voice alerts, and precise location pinpointing, ensuring unparalleled protection for your household.



Battery Powered Wireless Interconnected Photoelectric

The First Alert Battery Powered SCO500B is a cutting-edge home safety device designed to protect your household from smoke and carbon monoxide hazards. With its advanced photoelectric smoke sensor and carbon monoxide detection technology, this alarm provides comprehensive safety coverage. Its wireless interconnectivity ensures that all alarms sound simultaneously, while voice alerts and precise location pinpointing enhance responsiveness during emergencies. Easy to install with two AA batteries, the SCO500B offers hassle-free maintenance and invaluable peace of mind for your family and home security.

Battery Powered

Key Features:


Dual Detection: The battery-powered SCO500B integrates photoelectric smoke sensing and advanced carbon monoxide detection technologies to safeguard your home against a wide range of potential hazards.

Wireless Interconnection: Enjoy peace of mind with wireless connectivity that ensures all alarms sound when triggered, which is ideal for larger homes or multi-story residences.

Voice Alerts: Clear and loud voice alerts ensure that every member of your family can understand and respond effectively to potential dangers.

Location Pinpointing: In emergencies, the alarm provides precise location details of the hazard, enabling swift and informed responses to protect your loved ones and property.

Battery-Powered: Two AA batteries facilitate simple installation, eliminating the need for complex wiring and ensuring hassle-free maintenance.

Pros and Cons:


  • Comprehensive Safety: With dual smoke and carbon monoxide detection, the Battery Powered SCO500B offers complete home protection.
  • Wireless Interconnectivity: All alarms are interconnected wirelessly, ensuring that everyone in your household is alerted simultaneously.
  • Voice Alerts: Audible voice alerts are invaluable for those who may have difficulty hearing traditional alarms.
  • Precise Location Details: Voice alerts specify the exact location of the hazard, facilitating rapid responses.


  • Battery Maintenance: Regular battery maintenance is required to ensure the alarm functions correctly.

User Experience:

Users appreciate the peace of mind provided by the SCO500B, which stands out for its wireless interconnectivity, voice alerts, and precise location details. The photoelectric smoke sensor is praised for its accuracy, while the straightforward installation powered by AA batteries adds to its user-friendliness.

Value for money:

The Battery Powered SCO500B offers excellent value considering the life-saving features and advanced technology it incorporates, justifying the investment for the safety it provides to your family and home.

Ease of Use:

Installation is straightforward, and voice alerts make it suitable for all family members. While routine battery maintenance is necessary, it is not complicated, and the safety it provides is unquestionably worth it.


In summary, the First Alert Battery Powered SCO500B is an essential addition to any home, offering advanced features that ensure the safety of your loved ones and property.


The Battery Powered SCO500B represents a groundbreaking advancement in home safety technology, providing precise detection and location pinpointing of potential hazards. Invest in the First Alert SCO500B for the safety and peace of mind your family deserves.

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